Invitation and Cookies

• Do you ship your cookies?

Yes. I ship hundreds of cookies all over the country every week.  I do not ship internationally at this time, however my cookies have travelled as far as Sweden and Afghanistan if you want to ship them yourself to a distant relative.   


•How do you ensure the cookies will arrive unbroken?

Trust me, I want those cookies to arrive in one piece as much as you do!  The cookies are heat sealed in cellophane packages, and enclosed

in a rigid box filled with packing peanuts.  


•Do you create custom orders?

Yes.  If my schedule allows, I am more than happy to work with you to create a custom design. I make a lot of my own cookie cutters, and have gotten quite adept at making your dreams a reality.  


•What ingredients do you use?

I use only the finest ingredients available. My recipe is delicious in its simplicity—there are only only six ingredients. I use local, freshly milled flour (Lehi Roller Mills), pure cane sugar (C&H), whole eggs, real butter, pure vanilla extract, and almond emulsion.  


•Can you make your cookies almond free?

Yes. If you are concerned about food allergies, I can omit the almond. Please note that the cookies are produced in my home kitchen, which is not a nut-free environment, but I am careful to ensure there are no nut products in the kitchen while I am baking.  


•What do your cookies taste like?

They are a shortbread-like cookie, except they are made with eggs. They have a warm almond flavor—subtle but definitely noticeable.  I use an almond emulsion instead of an extract to ensure the cookies will have a full almond flavor without the bitter aftertaste.  


•What is the texture of your cookies?

They are never crunchy, but have a solid bite to ensure they hold up during shipping.  Most clients are surprised by how soft the cookies are.  


•How long will they stay fresh?

Since each cookie is handmade, and never made with preservatives, they have a short shelf life.  I generally recommend that the cookies be eaten within two weeks of receiving them. Since each cookie is individually heat sealed, each will stay soft and fresh for longer than typical homemade cookies. After two weeks the cookies don't spoil, but they will start to harden.  


•How do I preserve one of your cookies as a keepsake?

Keep the cookie sealed in the plastic.   The cookie will harden over time, but it will not discolor or spoil.  I have a few cookies that are almost a year old, and they look the same as the day I baked them.  They can easily be mounted in a shadow box; simply unwrap and adhere with caulk to the backboard.  Make sure the box has a glass cover to keep the dust out, and it should keep almost indefinitely.